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Old School: Why Columnar Stores Are Hot Again

Column-based data tabulation is not new. Technologies as old as the Abacus and so on have given us this capability for at least a thousand years. Numbers in a column are

easily added. Columns of numbers that are related by a common key element may be easily shared between scientists for collaborative computation, an early form of parallel processing ..

But what is it so important? At a financial conference in New York last year I had the pleasure of attending a session given by Database legend Michael Stonebreaker. At the end of a fairly broad explanation of Data Science basics and an over view of statistical analysis, Stonbreaker concluded triumphantly " May the best columnar store win! This got me thinking..

Tabular Computing



What Questions Are Relational Databases Good at Answering?




Facts, States and Declarative Causality.

Columnar Computing

How Often? Why? Will It Happen Again

Aspects, Facets and Exploring Causality

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Mar 26, 2018

stay tuned about Data Spaces and Data Fabrics ....

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